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How to Get Started Using Social Media in your Job Search

I’m sure you’ve heard by now someone praising the power of Social Media for fun, business, and even job hunting.  The problem is, that beyond setting up an account on Facebook or Twitter most people don’t know what to do next to leverage those platforms.

Before you read on about ways to polish and tweak your social media accounts, you’ll want to know exactly why you’d even bother in the first place.

Take a look at this info-graphic from

Social Recruiting Info-graphic


As you can see above, that nearly all professional recruiters are both using social media to post positions, and to source potential candidates.  This graphic also outlines a few different sites that you can both expand and utilize your social media accounts during your search.  So where do you start if you don’t even have one social media account?

Currently, the single most important account to have if you’re looking for work is a LinkedIn account.   This is the best place to start.  Go there, sign up, and COMPLETE your profile.

The more complete your profile is, the better the chances are that prospective employers will reach out to contact you.  Think of LinkedIn as today’s resume, and treat it with the same reverence.  After you’ve done this, you can add your unique URL to your paper resume and include it when responding to web-based position postings.

Next, sync your Linkedin account with your new twitter account.  That way, you only need to post once on both platforms.   It’s important that you keep communication within professional constraints, you don’t want to mis-represent who you are to prospective employers.

Here are some additional articles that you can browse to help you learn more about each social platform individually:

After you’ve followed the advice that’s out there, it’s important to continuously maintain your social/web presence so it will grow in it’s effectiveness throughout your career.  Schedule times to make periodic updates, review your profiles, and keep the world up-to-date on what’s going on with your career.  It’s like anything, the more work you put in,…

A Million Dollar Secret that Everyone Misses | Promote Your Mass Media Exposure

I wanted to share a little nugget with you that I discovered while reading Brian Tracy’s Blog  with Featured Writer: Nick Nanton.  The boiled down version of the post is that there are two primary types of media.  You have “Mass Media” (which is basically Television, Radio, or Major Newspaper) and you have “Targeted/Direct Media” (which is everything else, emails, letters, anything with a narrow targeted audience)

So here’s Nick’s “million dollar secret”:

First, get Mass Media attention, then promote your mass media appearances and content through direct media to your core audience of prospects and clients.

Simple right?

It seems obvious, but apparently it’s a missing step that most businesses don’t take once they’ve hit on some Mass Media love.   You can read the full article here and sign up for a special class with Nick Nanton and Brian Tracy if you want more information.  My “take away” is that I will form an action plan in the event that one of my clients, or myself has gained some mass media exposure.

The Action Plan:

1. Maintain a list of all controlled direct media (meaning direct media that you control) example:

  • Your Blog(s)
  • Website(s)
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Email/Newsletter Lists
  • Customer Mailing Lists

2. Maintain a list of alternative direct media sources (basically the same as step one, but owned and controlled by other people)

3. Maintain a list of Mass Media contacts. (You can share your exposure with these contacts who might not be covering your story)

Once these lists are created, you then have an outline to promote future Mass Media events when they happen.  I know this tactic is effective because we’ve used similar tactics on a smaller scale.  (example: When posting a blog post, also mention it on your social media accounts)

As soon as you have have the mass media event, start going down the list.  Make sure it’s mentioned in your controlled direct media, everywhere.  Next, ring up your friends, allies, business partners who would lend their direct media to help you promote the event.  Lastly, contact all of your Mass Media contacts to inform them of the event (unless they’re already covering it themselves)

More about Nick Nanton (from Nick’s Bio):

An Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, Esq., is known as the Top Agent to Celebrity Experts around the world for his role in developing and marketing business and professional experts, through personal branding, media, marketing and PR to help them gain credibility and recognition for their accomplishments. Nick is recognized as the nation’s leading expert on personal branding as Fast Company Magazine’s Expert Blogger on the subject and lectures regularly on the topic at at major universities.